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I have kept my readings personal and true, no automated text lines! just me, the phone, whats app, camera and face to face readings, the way it was and supposed to be.

Tarot Angel Card reading
(Face to face or via video camera)

I have a fabulous connection to my angel guides and their super amazing abilities, they help me to give you precise and beautiful 10 card Celtic cross card readings.

whether you want me to ask for guidance on a specific subject such as Love, relationships, 2019 predictions, marriage, or go with the flow you will be amazed at what your angels have to tell you and the guidance they give is life changing.

This reading can be done online face to face, whats-app or a phone call, it takes around 30 minutes and is £30  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Alot of people need more than 30 minutes and now require 1 hour for their cards and guidance this is £50Click here to book 1 hour card reading and guidance


Talk to your loved ones in heaven


(Face to face or Via video camera)
Spirit contact is when I open my third eye and ask the angels to help me communicate with your loved ones in heaven. You may have heard of this a psychic connection 

This is my most popular service I offer, and it is amazing and emotional 1 hour spent with me online face to face or phone call.

I contact your loved ones in heaven and give you details and messages from them and information and facts only you know,  you are welcome to ask question which i can ask them.

£30 for 30 minutes Click here to book now 

£50 for 1 hour Click here to 
Book Now

Tarot Pregnancy Reading
(WhatsApp or Messanger)

One of the most frequently asked questions is Will I become pregnant?
I have developed a dedicated pregnancy 5 card reading which is done via whats app or messenger. 
You will receive a picture of your cards and a voice tag explaining what you cards are predicting.
 5 cards
1) Relationship status
2) Positive/negative/ yes/no
4)Multiple is single
5)Season of birth

Book your reading now £15 click here to book


Tarot card Past Present and Future card Reading
(WhatsApp or Messenger)

A simple but very effective 3 card reading  to give you an insight to the past, present and future

you will receive a picture of your cards  and a voice tag to explain the meanings via
whats-app or messenger

Click here to book your reading now £10

True Love Reading 

This is a lovely 6 card whats-app reading if you are wondering if you and your ex will get back together or if you and the new person will workout! 
Simply send me a picture of you both and i will then select my cards and send you voice tags explaining each card and aspect of your relationship.

1) Your feelings
2) His feelings
3)Connection what brings you together
4) Strengths and qualities you bring together
5) Weakness and issues as a couple
6) Will you work out or get back together

This is £15.00 book now

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Terms & Conditions 

Thank - you for choosing to have a reading with Tina

As a psychic Medium I do my best to channel in your loved ones and guidance from Angels and the spirit world, but there must be an understanding that not every loved one will come through or say very much, or pass on the message you was hoping for.
Also with tarot and Angel card readings you may not hear the things you thought you would or would have liked to have known,it what is meant for you at the time.

When you purchase a reading spirit or cards in any format the above must be understood and the below also apply.

* No refunds at all in any circumstances unless Tina sees exception.
* No refunds if your card reading or spirit message is delayed due to Tina being ill or she is unable to get an answer for you.
*No refund is Tina needs to re-schedule your appointment.
*No refund if Tina cannot talk to your loved one in heaven instead Tina will offer you angel card guidance for the rest of your session.
*If you turn up late for an appointment you can use the remaining time, but you cannot expect the full time or another date to be set, the time is lost.
*If you are sick or unable to make the appointment no refund will be given but with 24 hours notice from you Tina will re-book you in on another date.
*If you change your mind no refund will be given after 24 hours.
*Tina cannot be held responsible for any information given to you in your readings.
*Tina is not a trained medical professional so you must seek appropriate advice.
*All readings are for people aged 18 unless accompanied by their parents and with parent permission.
*Payments must be made to book your session.Tina does not reserve appointments.
*You are paying for Tina's time.
*If a reading via arrives later than I said just trust that this is the way it goes sometimes you cannot force an answer immediately

Kind Regards