**************Brand New course **********************************
Join me Thursday FEB 2019 at 8pm for this incredible 10 week course

Do you want to develop your natural abilities?
Do you hear or see spirits or receive signs?
Are you curious if you have the ability?

My amazing course is designed to help you develop your natural abilities even if your unsure if you have them or not!

✅ live meditation with Tina
✅ Recorded meditations
✅ Weekly live class with Tina online
✅ Private Facebook group
✅ Printable resources
✅ Exercises to help you develop
✅ Friendly interactive group
✅ Each lesson is uploaded to the page so you can re-watch at any time.

*Opening third eye
*Inviting Angel into your life
*Psychic protection
*Feed your spirit
*Discover your spirit guide and communicate
*Communicate with Angels

⭐ Bonus course⭐ You will get this free when you buy the 10 week course ⭐ or sign up to just this course. This course alone is 3 weeks and is £30 if you wish to learn these subjects only.

* Crystals what they are for and how to use them
*Crystal grids
*Astral letters
*Erasing Karmic records
*Akashic records & how to access yours
*How to practice safely 

Each week you will be in our private group I will be live and will teach you weekly and also set you an assignment every week.

Wether you are just curious or want to develop your skills this is an incredible course and so many people have benefited from this ❤

Message Tina to enroll ⭐The first 5 people to join will receive a FREE 30 minute Angel card reading.

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