65ceb13a-cba8-40da-b0df-458c671ebe5fjpg Crystal Healing and Protection 

I have always been drawn to crystals they are so beautiful and its incredible to think that these occur naturally and have the most amazing healing powers. Thank-you mother nature how good she is to us.

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o here is in my opinion the TOP crystals to have in your home and wear all can be found in my store.
Crystal bracelets and necklaces are a great way to receive the powers if crystals, I have carefully selected a few that work in synergy together and also work well alone so the choice is yours wear them all or just a few.

Tigers Eye (brown)  Tiger’s Eye is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared - an “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors.
  •  Enhances All crystals powers 
  •  Strength 
  •  Heals broken bones 
  •  Personal power 
  •  Be more decisive 
  •  Supports you through times of stress 

Amethyst (purple)  Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.
  • Psychic protection 
  • Confidence booster 
  • Helps to calm and balance you
  • If you suffer with sleepless nights wear this it will help you sleep 
  • February birthstone

Hemitite (Black)  Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration
  • Remove negative vibes from you and keep them away 
  • Grounding stone makes you feel calm
  • Helps blood flow
  • Helps relieve headaches and pain 

Rose Quartz (pink) The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.
  • Attract Love into your life
  •  Heal pain and disappointment 
  •  Feminine powers of Love & compassion 

Sodalite (marine blue)  Sodalite is a minor gemstone and usually faceted into beads for necklaces and bracelets, with individual beads usually large in size. Tumbled rough Sodalite is also strung and used in jewelry. Sodalite is also used for ornamental carvings such as animal carvings and small statues.
  • encourages rational thought, 
  • objectivity, truth and intuition
  • verbalisation of feelings
  • Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. 
  • It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust
  • Sodalite balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies

Clear Quartz (clear)  Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. ... Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.
  • Harmony 
  • Energy 
  • Healing
  • Psychic abilities 
  • Clarity 
  • Calmness


  • January Birthstone: Garnet
  • February Birthstone: Amethyst
  • March Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • April Birthstone: Diamond
  • May Birthstone: Emerald
  • June Birthstone: Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July Birthstone: Ruby
  • August Birthstone: Peridot
  • September Birthstone: Sapphire
  • October Birthstone: Tourmaline or Opal
  • November Birthstone: Topaz or Citrine
  • December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise

*Please refer to a doctor first for any medical conditions and this must not be used in replacement of medicine or advice from a doctor, this is simply research that is widely discussed. Crystals are complimentary.