Monthly Crystal & Spiritual box

Do you love Crystals? Do you love everything spiritual? But havent got a clue what's real, fake,or what to do with them or simply just love them and want them on your shelf!

Excellent! This is for you a monthly subscription box that will include 3 to 4 items with a letter from me explaining evething you need to know about them.

Plus you will be part of an exclusive club and will have access to a private group on Facebook just for my subscribers and each month one week after delivery i will be live on camera explaining your box and giving you ideas on how to use them and of course answer any questions you may have.

          What type of items will there be?
Each month will be themed, meditation, chakra, cleansing, soltice, moon ect..
You will receive a range of items such as tumble stones, crystals, sage, aromatherapy, wax melts, buddahs, insence, candles, spells, jewellery, Angel's, cherubs, blessing stones much more I'm really excited!!

                                 Ad On's
You can add a gift voucher or buy a reading and gift the box to a friend or family member, just message me and I will do this for you.

         How often will I receive a box and When?

You will receive one box a week after payment I aim to have them all out for recorded delivery.


              How often will I be billed?
It's set up automatically and you will be billed once a month or every three months...dates to be confirmed plus you will receive an email with dates.

             Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, but once payment has been taken I cannot stop the payment so you will receive that box but none in the future. You can re-sign up anytime

              My item is damaged what do I do?
No problem just call me or message me i will replace the product or refund if i dont have anymore instock. I will require photo proof.

Can I gift a subscription to a friend or family?
Yes sure just subscribe as normal and put thier address in.

Enjoy your Crystal & Spiritual monthly subscription box.

Love & light