Discover your true potential and success
Are you feeling like your stuck in life? That everyone else seems to be successful except you? 
You want to start a business but your scared or its not started very well?

Is love lacking in your life? You just want to meet the one, but they never stay? 
Or you meet and develop relationships but they turn toxic? 

Your constantly exhausted and just surviving life? You feel like something is blocking you? You may feel like a hex, or spell is on you, or attachments.

Grief is overtaking your life and you seem to not be able to move on in life?                  

                         I'm here for you...

My list could go on and on, but the fact is I am able to help you.

   I have been a healer all of my life and for the past 6 years I qualified in Reiki, Crystal and sound healing.
I'm a natural born psychic and clairvoyant I work with my Angels and spirit guides and read for people all over the world.

I designed this course for anyone that really wants to unblock themselves energetically and emotionally working with thier own spiritual body and allowing me to help you.

This is a 4 week course, it's intense and powerful and I'm excited to work with you. 
My beautiful course is so different from others because you work with me directly, not other coaches! 

   How does the course work?

We will agree the two evenings a week that suit you.

One evening a week you will be coming to my home for Reiki for one hour plus a 30 minute inner light coaching session after your Reiki.
If you are not local then this 1 hour and 30 minutes will be on Zoom.
I will be working with my spirit guides and Angels to remove blocks, and re-balance your chakras. I will also report back to you after your treatment what I have removed, or what I felt or visions seen.
Then you will be given clear Inner Light work to do for the week ahead taking into account the blocks and energies felt.

Then later in the week we will meet again on zoom to discuss how your feeling and how your inner light work is progressing. In this session of 45 minutes I will also be doing a live meditation, grounding and protection with you.

This is a powerful 4 week course that is a fantastic holistic way to find your Inner light and really live the life you want! 

Truly working with a healer and psychic is a wonderful experience you will never forget and hold dear to your heart.

You will be surrounded by my guides and Angel's and beautiful life force energy from Reiki this is truly a must for anyone thats serious about healing themselves and finding thier inner light

I look forward to working with you. You deserve the best life! 

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