Psychic Readings and card reading frequently asked questions

How does a Psychic Medium work?
As a psychic I will explain how it works for me.
Everyone has an aura and through life we experience different things some good, some bad, some awful and some amazing and these all leave impressions on us a human and leave a type of memory and this can be picked up by a psychic, such a me.
I can simply be in the same room or even just talking to a person on the phone and I sense feelings, I sense things that are currently happening and things that have happened in the past, I see images and I can give amazing details that leave my clients amazed!

Can you talk to people who are dead or in heaven?
I have a wonderful connection to the spirit world and can communicate with your loved ones. When I am in a reading with my client I will connect into my channel and ask to speak to your loved ones and when I have made a connection I can then pass on messages and give you lots of information about your loved one that only you would know confirming that this is real and full of details.

Is a psychic reading evil or harmful?

No! If you use a psychic such a myself who is experienced and knows what they are doing there is no danger to you or I. 
A professional psychic has many ways to ensure safety and protection and knows how to connect to the higher powers and divine.

Do spirits or loved ones mind if we ask them to come through and talk?
A loved one in spirit will come through if they want to, you and I cannot force them to. So don't expect a angry loved one to come through if they didn't want to be disturbed they simply wouldn't come through!
In my experience talking to heaven is lovely and calm and loved ones are happy to talk, they are so pleased they know you know they are around.

Who can you talk to in heaven?
As long as the loved one wants to come through then the answer is, I can talk to anyone.
Can you talk to children and Babies?
I speak to children in heaven a lot, and if a child dies before they are able to talk then the wonderful angels assign your child a family member to talk or a guardian who do the talking for them, its lovely as I am shown pictures of the children too.
Do people age or grow up in heaven?
Yes and No!
I have experienced babies grow into children who can then talk., but I have equally contacted babies that have not grown up. 

Can you contact animals or pets in heaven?
Yes often as I'm doing a reading for a client I can see their pet and describe them.

When you die of an illness or in pain do you remain ill in heaven?
Thank God No you are healed in heaven.

Do you have to be in the same room to get a psychic connection?
Nope! most of my readings are done via video camera or phone call or Facebook Live. I pick up on your aura, heaven also has no boundaries many of my bookings are in Canada and USA and I'm in the UK.

Do you see my loved ones or just hear them?
Personally I can see your loved ones as they once were and before they died. I don't see dead or decomposed bodies. I hear your loved ones sometimes its like talking to them sitting next to me, sometimes it much more faint.

Can a psychic predict the future?

Yes! also in card readings too.
Can you give bad news or cast an evil spell?

When i do a psychic reading I can be given information that may not be the nicest or easiest to say but I will always say it in a way not to scare you or worry you.
I don't and wont predict death or give medical or financial advice at all.
No i don't cast spells and actually i personally don't believe in them, they are more down to the person believing a spell is working.

Are your psychic and card readings accurate and real?

Absolutely Yes! i have thousands of followers on my facebook page and go live once a week to share my gift and the feedback is incredible. 

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