Reiki & Angelic sound Therapies

Life can be so stressful and we can find ourselves feeling so overwhelmed and losing our zest for life!

There is a beautiful and powerful holistic way to restore your body and get back to feeling like you.

 Reiki and Angelic sound healing will help you restore balance by re-aligning your chakras and removing emotional and energy blocks, by receiving this therapy your energy will be able to flow freely around your body once again.

Typical complaints my clients have ....
No energy
Feeling low
Slow digestion
Trouble sleeping
Spiritually drained
Relationship blocks
Career concerns
Lack of financial security
Plus many more...

This beautiful 1 hour Reiki Angelic sound healing session is performed in my home in my cozy living room on a comfy sturdy therapy bed. You do not remove any clothing except your shoes. I place a fresh soft blanket over you to keep you warm.
(This is for  women only)

I will start with 30 minutes of healing Reiki to soothing music this will help you to relax and begin to open and clear stagnant energy and blocks. Then I will play my stunning Angelic energy chimes and singing bowls on each chakra......these incredible sounds and tones will clear and realign your chakras.

To finish your aura is cleansed and I leave you to rest for a few minutes and your treatment comes to an end.

I recommend this therapy once a month or when you feel you need it.

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Also why not add a 30 minute Angel guidance session too body mind and spirit connected for a few hours.