Love & Light


     It's no coincidence your here!
You found me out of millions of possible choices, that's amazing!  

I'm here to help you, I offer a specialised powerful variety of spiritual services to help you gain clarity and comfort in your life and spiritual life.   


           Tarot Card Readings

   Tarot card readings are excellent for current life guidance, including relationships,career, future, advice on what to do and also helping you make a decisions.
You can ask questions on specific people and situations.
  I offer 45 or 60 minute camera calls. These are £45 and £60. Book now


                 Talking to heaven

Talking to Heaven, I'm a medium which means I can communicate with people who have passed away. I'm able to get details for you and pass on messages.
I offer 45 or 60 minute camera calls these are £45 and £60.Book now


          Mini whatsapp readings

Mini whatsapp readings are tarot card readings that are non face to face.
You receive a picture of your tarot cards and voicenotes from me explaining the outcome.
These are £15 or £20 for same day.Book now 

                      Email readings

Email readings I offer a full tarot card life guidance reading instead of being on a video call I email it to you. 
Also I do a letter from heaven reading where I contact yiur loved one in heaven and email you thier messages
 Book now 
Life Guidance email £35
Letter from heaven £35

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