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Your spiritual life questions answered 

This is no coincidence you are here!  do you believe in fate?  I do!

  I am a Psychic Clairvoyant I read for people all over the world.
I am very grateful and blessed to be able  communicate with your loved ones in heaven and give you personal details only you would know. You can book your reading easily and choose 45 minutes or an hour.

If you are looking for direction and answers to situations in your life I offer a beautiful tarot and Angel card reading which will give you amazing clarity about love, career, money and so much more. You can book your reading easily and choose 45 minutes or an hour.

If your looking for a mini reading and don't want a camera call I also offer whatsapp reading and now you can book SAME day

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        Convenient and safe readings for you!

 All readings are now done via camera, telephone call, or simply whats-app message or email whatever suits you.
It makes NO difference whether you are sitting in front of me in my home or New Zealand you can be read easily and communicate with your loved ones in heaven. After all the spirit world is around us all it has no doors or ceilings.
 My clients prefer camera calling as its convenient for them and they are amazed how wonderful and accurate their reading is.

Sometimes in life we really feel lost and like a black cloud is above us and no matter what we  do you cannot shift it! 

I meet many clients in this exact situation and they just feel a big block in thier life and some even wonder if its a spell or hex from someone that doesn't like them is on them!. 

As an energy worker I am able to help remove these blocks, stagnant energy by working with you over an hour or sometimes a couple of sessions. 

Once booked I will message you to discuss what's going on and your session will be personalised to you.

Click here to book a 1 hour Spiritual Therapy appointment with me. 

Spiritual Blog 

Have you got loads of questions about Angels, cleansing, Reiki? 
   Lucky for you I write a blog on whatever subject comes to mind and using my personal experience it's an easy fun read for anyone that's curious.       Click Here  to be taken straight to my Spiritual blog. Enjoy