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     It's no coincidence your here!
You found me out of millions of possible choices, that's amazing!  

I'm here to help you, I offer a specialised powerful variety of spiritual services to help you gain clarity and comfort in your life and spiritual life.

Tarot card readings are excellent for current life guidance, including relationships,career, future, advice on what to do and also helping you make a decision.  I offer 45 or 60 minute camera calls. These are £45 and £60. Book now

Talking to Heaven, I'm a medium which means I can communicate with people who have passed away. I'm able to get details for you and pass on messages.
I offer 45 or 60 minute camera calls these are £45 and £60.Book now

Mini whatsapp readings are tarot card readings that are non face to face. You receivce a picture of your tarot cards and voicenotes from me explaining the outcome. These are £15 or £20 for same day.Book now 

Email readings I offer a full tarot card life guidance reading instead of being on a video call I email it to you. Book now 
Life Guidance email £35
Letter from heaven £35

      Live online course -5th March 2023

I'm launching my first course of 2023 I'm super excited to bring this to you.

This one day course will be live online with me, totally interactive.
I will be teaching you
✨️ How to connect to your Angels,
✨️Develop your 3rd eye
✨️Communicate safely with spirit
✨️ Connect with your Spirit guide
✨️ Protection
✨️ Auras & Energy
✨️Clearing your aura
✨️ Distant Reiki will be given to all participants in a live meditation
✨️ cutting cords & live ritual demonstration
✨️ Manifesting & law of attraction
✨️ clearing your home of negative energies & setting up a spiritual place.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance & understanding of spiritual development to hang on your wall.

it's going to be an epic day! there will be
lunch break in between!

Sunday 5th of March starting at 10am till finished should be around 4pm. This is online.

Price is £70 yes you saw that right how amazing I just want to help as many people as I can. BOOK NOW 

This will be live on my website where you can book it and pay via PayPal or if you don't have PayPal message me for bank details

see you there!
love & Light

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          Private Group Psychic evenings

   I offer a private evening of readings for     up to 4 people online, these are great to add something special to a girls night in, or a birthday celebrations or host your own spiritual evening.

Simply set up your phone, laptop, tablet in another quiet room and each person will recieve a life overview reading using tarot cards and depending on the package you choose I can also use my incredible mediumship skills to talk to heaven too and pass on messages from your loved ones.

 2.5 hours is around what it takes to read for 4 people. I charge £165  and if you would like to add mediumship to each persons reading it takes me around 3 hours so I charge £180.

 You will absolutely love your evening and your guests will be talking about it for a very long time! 

Please message me if you require a Saturday or a Sunday night as I will have to book you in myself and there is an extra charge of £50 on top of the package you choose.

 Book your online 2.5 hour Tarot card evening for 4 people £165

Book your online Tarot & Mediumship evening for 4 people £180


Reiki Therapy Tina is a Reiki Master and can help you gain back peace and balance in your life