Here I am 7 years into reading for people all over the world and a qualified Reiki Master! I'm truly so grateful and know my Angels and spirit guides have helped and encouraged me all my life, to be brave enough to share my gifts with the world.

As a little girl I remember my nan talking to grandad in heaven and I was fascinated how she could see and hear him, she was adamant that she could and that if I tried hard enough I could too,  me and my nan was so close I used to walk about 2 miles to her flat every Saturday with a bunch of flowers as I got older. Nan showed me her cards too, she used old playing cards to tell the future amazing! 

As I grew up I was so attracted to churches and spirituality, my family wasn't I took myself, I always knew that there was bigger forces at play in the world.

Katrina my spirit guide appeared from the age of 4, she was my buddy and was always there in my tough times growing up and she helped me discover the fact that I too could talk to heaven, and see very clear accurate facts about the future. 
I used to do spirit circles at lunchtime in school and would get in trouble as there would be girls running up the hallways screaming scared, oops! 

It wasn't until my 30's after a mini stroke that my life changed for the better! My nan and an angel came down to me and said that I must follow my gift and use it, come out to the world, as my life at that point wasn't the right path for me,I had a higher purpose.
I was scared thinking that others might think im crazy, anyway I did it, with my heart monitor on, I hit the Facebook live button and my journey began  I'm so grateful for the first few followers that encouraged me to keep going as I was a bit shy, now 7 years later I have built a beautiful Angel community online with 12 thousand followers increasing by the day.

I truly love what I do and I provide a service for people all over the world doing my readings via video calls and in person.

Also I love how spirituality has helped my beautiful little family see that life is Magical and we can achieve anything we put our minds too.
I'm a mum to two beautiful young children and a wife and I'm soooo blessed to have my own family.

May the Angels and guides keep us all safe.

Love & light