Spiritual development circle online

I run an amazing 7 week online spiritual development circle online using zoom.
This course is right for you if you want to learn and improve your own spiritual gifts in a safe circle of people that you will get to know over 7 weeks, this is a non judgemental and kind development circle no one is wrong or right, simply improving!!

learn some of the below elements but more covered in the course

Intuitive reading
Reading energy
Recognising auras
Contacting spirit
Tarot cards & layouts 
Also I will invite guests for readings so you can practice 

All sessions are recorded and as long as you can commit to at least 6 sessions you will benefit from this amazing course. 

Next course begins 6th February 2024 every Tuesday night 8pm to 10pm
On Zoom

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21 Days of Manifestation 

Im so excited to share this with you!!!  

Already people are joining and its only just been released!!

Come join me for this amazing 21 day manifesting daily course, seriously let's make 2024 your best year yet!!
Starting JAN 5TH 2024
I'm going to be live 9.30am every morning in a new private group????  
How it works...
No time pressure at all, i will be going live daily at 9.30am for 21 days in a dedicated private group, do not worry you don't have to be there!! you can watch the video any time that day, just give yourself enough time to work on each daily lesson.
21 days of amazing, Spiritual manifesting, soul searching lessons that will be vital to turn your 2024 into a great year! This is pure motivation!
Letting go, Releasing old karma, Spreading love, Gratitude Forgiving ourselves and others, Self protection, Meditations,Finding our why and much more....
and guess what?
Its only £1 a day Yep £21!! 
  The best £21 you will ever spend on yourself! 



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