It can be confusing to decide what reading you need.

No fear I'm here to help you decide, if you answer yes to most of one section then book that reading just simply click on the link.

 A.  Are you going through a difficult  time in your life involving any of the following, divorce, job worries, money worries, boyfriend/girlfriend worries, career, marriage, potential love, Debt, fertility issues, family/friend problems, trust issues,. Would like to look into the future to see how things turn out, in this session I can discuss specific people and events.

Yes to some or most?

45 minute Tarot cards via Zoom £55 ...Book now 

60 minute Tarot cards via Zoom £65.... Book now 

B.   You would like to see if I can connect with a loved one, friend or family member in heaven.
This session is very emotional and can vary in what information I can gather, often I can get special memories, how they died and general talk from spirit.  This is NOT the right session for you if you want life guidance, you need option A. Or book a combined 1 hour session where I do half hour talking to loved ones and half hour life guidance.

Two choices..

45 minute talking to loved ones in heaven via Zoom £55...Book now 

1 hour combined session talking to loved ones in heaven and half hour life guidance via Zoom  £65...Book now 

C. Do you feel lost in life, very low mood, low self esteem, can't seem to find happiness, feel empty, something is missing, repeated destructive patterns, failed relationships, You feel like you need to start again but not sure where? 
This session is for you if you want to hear from your soul and spiritual guide. This session includes practical spiritual everyday advice, a live meditation with me and a 10 minute energy clearing, it's super powerful and you are fully taking part with me. 

1 hour video call is £65 - Spiritual Therapy via Zoom ... ....Book now 

D. Your in a rush! Not got much time only have a limited budget and just want a brief look into a situation.  You get a picture of the tarot cards and voice notes from me.

Whatsapp mini readings £20

E.  You have had a reading and feel good and your ready to immerse yourself in more healing and clear your chakras and allow me to work on your energy field. 
You may not have had a reading but feel like you need a spiritual physical healing.

 Reiki 1 hour treatment £65 in person ... Book now 

   I hope this has helped you choose a reading any further questions just text me 07979757570 or email me 

Love & light