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This is no coincidence you are here!  do you believe in fate?  I do!

  I am a Psychic medium,angel card reader and also attuned level 1 Reiki natural healer.
I love to share my gift with as many people as i can. I explain on the next page about how i discovered my gift...
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Visit my page of frequently asked questions, How does a psychic work? Who can I talk to? Is it safe to do a reading? 

  I am LIVE once a week on my Facebook page reading and passing on spirit messages to thousands of my followers please click HERE to be taken to the page, like and follow so you don't miss out and join me on a Monday 8pm UK times, you never know if your loved one is ready to come through and talk.

Check out my Spiritual guide blog with great tips on living a spiritual life.  

Being a very spiritual person I'm very attuned to my body and have been through some incredible health challenges such as a stroke! 

I was introduced to some incredible natural products that me and family love and have built an incredible business that has seen us become healthier but also financially settled.
Take a look at my Tina crowley Freedom Coach website.

Coming soon: I am launching a online school of mediumship and Spirituality so you can take learning at your own pace.

Love and light