6 Signs your in a Toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can be with anyone your friends, family and partners, being in a toxic relationship can be very draining and ultimately chip away at your self esteem.

It's important to reconise the signs and speak to someone you trust about it and how to remove yourself safely from the person or how to get help with this relationship it might require counselling. Sometimes the person doing this may not realise it often its learnt behaviour and thier own insecurities are  being reflected on you.

  • Walking on egg shells, you never know what mood they will be in.
  • You can't express how you feel about anything, they simply ignore your feelings.
  • They criticise you, and pretty much anything you do.
  • No matter what, you are the cause of all problems.
  • They only give affection when it suits them.
  • They keep track of any mistakes you made or any favours they did you.
How many do you reconise?  Scary to see the truth in black and white! 
It's OK! You have choices

  • Break up or distance yourself from this situation.
  • Write a letter to the person, this will cause them to be less defensive, time to mull it over.
  • Confront them with a friend for backup but only if you feel safe to do so.
  • Organise counselling for you both.
Whatever your decision it has to be right for you. Its no good being slowly worn down by a person or stay in a friendship that's one sided!  

Remember you are worth it and this isn't your fault.

People come and go into your life! Don't force anyone to stay.

Love & light