Are you feeding your Spirit?



"We are a spirit living in a human body " is one of the most profound things that was ever said to me and made me look at me in a different way. It's then I realized why I can connect to spirits in heaven and hear and see them clearly as I am one of them, they are one of us. We are a spirit living a human experience.

In the busy days of our lives we just carry on day-to-day making a living and trying to fit everything into twenty-four hours or for some just wasting away the day with no real aim or direction never paying attention to what our spirit is crying out for.This results in illness, depression, frustration and unhappiness simply because we are missing the vital needs of our spirit.

Have you ever thought what your spirit looks like and what your spirit loves? No, nor had I ever given it a thought before, but when I was asked I was surprised at the emotion that rose from me when I was asked to describe my spirit and what it loved, I realized I had been missing out on many things that made my spirit happy which essentially resulted in happiness and feeling content with my life and world around me. This is one of the first key elements I teach on my Discover your Angels and Spirit Guide 6 week online course.

What does your spirit love?

here is a list of what my spirit adores and the more I do these the happier I am.

  • Walk daily in nature
  • Meditate
  • listen to uplifting music
  • Eating natural food
  • Spending time with my family and friends
  • Fresh flowers
  • Reading self-development books
  • Insense
  • Writing
  • Helping others

Your turn: Write a list of the things your spirit loves and then block out 15 minutes a week to ensure you do one of your activities and then notice how you feel afterwards and then try to increase these guilt free spirit feeding activities each week.

Feeding your spirit is not hard and that is the reason it is so easy to forget or put off. Putting your spirit first will help you in all aspects of your life.

Booking a day every week that is just for you and the family, no phones, no interruption just you and your loved ones, imagine what that can do for building a better bond and reconnecting with each other.

Waking up one hour earlier so you can enjoy a peaceful walk with your lovely pet and enjoy nature no phones, no distractions, just you and nature.

Saying no to overtime one night a week and going home and relaxing in the bath listening to some lovely music, wow how will that impact on the rest of the week with you being less tired.

My hardest thing, is just sometimes doing nothing! yep when did you last do that?


Go on try it! you have nothing to lose but everything to gain including happiness.


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