Full Moon Rituals

                   Full Moon & Rituals  

I love a full moon not only because it looks amazing but because if what it means to me and millions of others. I spent many nights as a child looking up to see the man on the moon, I'm sure I saw him a few times.
Did you know each full moon has its own name often named after the season or main event that would happen. 



Here are some ideas to do when there is a full moon, 

· Cleanse your crystals in the moonlight by putting them outside if its a dry evening or leave them on the windowsill to bathe in the moonlight.

Make some moon water by getting a pint of water in a glass cover it with cling film and leave outside or on the windowsill to be shone on by the moonlight and drink it the next day.

Write a moon letter, this is a letter of intention for the month ahead what you want to bring into your life and what you want to get rid of. Put it into an envelope seal it and let the moonlight shine on it and then put it away in a drawer and open on the next full moon and see what has been successfully completed.

·       Have a wonderful salt bath surrounded by lovely candles and use this time to reflect on the past month.

·       Ask the Angels for guidance  

·       Moon bathe, get a blanket sit in the garden and watch the moon for a bit.

·       Smudge/sage yourself and tidy your room


Enjoy there is no rights or wrong just go with your heart.