Get stuffed! The Good and The bad

Yipee its 1st December and I can open my calendar! and in I stuff that amazing Lindor chocolate, I'm quite impressed how i have upgraded my calendar and I guess the calories too!!

You see this year I am determined to start my New year lighter and more healthier and in fact I'm doing very well, i have lost just over 2 stone in 3 and half months so i'm feeling amazing and already down a dress size, however i did want to achieve 3 stone before Christmas but i know with 3.5 weeks left the most i will lose is another 8 lbs which is still a great achievement!

However day by day I'm finding it harder and harder to resist the amazing Lindor chocolates and awesome food temptations, i'm am such a foodie, i love good food but have an incredible sweet tooth and trust me i have never been sick whilst eating a family sized bar of chocolate!

So here is my pledge to myself, I WILL NOT RUIN MY HARD WORK! i have already made the choice that Christmas day and New years eve i will eat and drink to my heart's content but that is calendar is now my sons...

It got me thinking about actually how many calories people tend to eat on Christmas day, so here are my findings..ouch!



7,000 Calories


OMG!! that's incredible for a women that 5 days calories in just one day! wow no wonder people fall asleep in the afternoon and so incredibly bloated for days! So that got me thinking about how to reduce the calorie intake and save my waist line, but also still have a feeling of choice and enjoyment after all its only once a year!

Also I wanted to look into why we eat what we eat and if it's really doing that much harm, good news coming to you im really surprised by these facts!



irish-life-christmas-table-infographic 2


  • Cook your dinner with Fry lite at only 1 cal per spray compared to 1,845 calories per half a small jar.
  • Stick to turkey its the leanest meat
  • Take off the skin from the chicken saving 200 calories
  • Cut out the after dinner mints 5 is 435 calories
  • How about swapping half of your roast potatoes for boiled saving 100 calories a potato
  • Pile your plate high with veg
  • Swap your full fat sausage to a low-fat variety or even a vegetarian sausage saving 100 cals per sausage
  • Swap you full fat fizzy to a diet saving a huge amount of calories and sugar 250 cals
  • Avoid snacking on the roses! saving you on average 500 cals (6 sweets)
  • Opt for either a starter or a pudding! lets face it both are going to be high in calories but do you really need a three course meal. saving on average 500 cals

So there it is! you can save 2,000 calories on Christmas day by just doing these few simple steps.and save your waist line.

Don't forget to work off your Christmas dinner! and here is some ideas for you. Get that gym pass ready for January 2018



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Have a happy and Healthy Christmas