Have yourself a Spiritual Christmas

Christmas is days away and around us we see happy faces and excitement building for the all important big day but as we get older some of us lose family, loved ones and friends and we begin to notice people missing that were always sat at the table or we had that yearly Christmas meal with, the pain is awful and the longing just to sit with them that one last time is ever more present.

As a psychic many people say to me they wish they had my gift that they could just call on their loved ones when they needed to, i totally understand it and i wish i could sit night after night live on my Facebook Angels page and do that for people but it's not physically possible, i give around 10 hours a week of free readings already.

Here is my guide to connecting with your loved ones in heaven this Christmas

  • Make some time when you are alone or with family that want to take part
  • Dedicate a place - Get a wonderful picture of your loved one and something small that belonged to them like a ring or a chain, place a rose quartz Crystal for love and Amethyst to help with psychic connection, an indigo and purple candle next to their picture as these candles help you communicate with them, these candle colors are very important.purple candles
  • Write a prayer or letter to your loved one and read it out to them and ask them to surround you and give you clear signs that they can hear you, tell them what you would like them to do, leave a feather?
  • Then everyday light your candles and have a nice conversation with your loved one as if they are here, don't be shy! do this full force and you will feel amazing and you will start to feel their presence.
  • Give them a gift, this could be for their shrine you have made or for their grave or just a little something you knew they loved, it so important to keep all the things they loved around you.
  • Play their favorite music whilst their shrine is lit up, let them see you smiling and remembering them.
  • Set a place at the table if you want to, don't be worries what others think this is your remembrance.

Enjoy remembering your loved ones they are watching you and can hear you, please don't let anyone tell you that you should be moving on, we all cope in different ways and if by building a beautiful shrine in our home brings them close to you, then so it will be!

Have a wonderful Spiritually connected christmas and if you wish to speak to your loved ones I am booking in psychic readings for Jan 2018.


love and light