How To Cleanse You and Your Home

As a psychic its very important to regularly cleanse my aura and home and my divination tools as everything picks energy up and it can become trapped and affect you and your everyday life.

I will be taking you through some easy steps on how to cleanse your aura and home and get back to a more positive you.

What is an Aura and do I have one?

Yes everyone has an Aura and it a free-flowing shield of energy that surrounds us and since ancient times we have seen pictures and paintings of different spiritual leaders coss various traditions but one thing that is common among all of them is the halo that surrounds their head which is known as the Aura energy field. It not only surrounds just the head but also extends all around your body. This aura represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies. The aura is often seen a mix of fine coloured frequencies where each colour define its own individual nature and characteristics.


The vibration of this aura is very fine and subtle we can use our inborn intuitive and our psychic gifts to train ourselves not only to see the aura but also to interpret the different colours and shapes in the aura which can reveal us a lot of unsaid information.

The aura consist of seven levels (also called layers or auric bodies), and these correspond to the seven chakras in the body. Each level has its own unique frequency but also relates to and affects the other levels around it. Consequently, if one level is unbalanced, it can lead to unbalance in the other levels as well.




How Do I see my Aura?

It will take practise around 5 to 10 minutes a day. When I do pyschic and card readings for people i can easily pick up on people s auras and it gives me a picture of how they are feeling.

Sit in a darkened room, not totally dark, its easier to see an aura in a dim light.

  • Clear your mind, and relax – your goal is to see your own aura between index fingers. Focus on seeing your aura, believe it’s possible, know it’s possible.
  • Touch your fingers – touch your index finger together, rub them, push them against each other. Aura is “sticky”, and once one finger sticks with other one, the energy will “hang” between fingers.
  • Focus on the area between fingers – after some time of rubbing your fingers together, move them apart, leaving about 1 cm of space between fingers. Then focus on the space between them and try to see something. If you can’t see anything, put your fingers together again, close your eyes and let them rest for few seconds, then try again.

Don’t stop your training after seeing the aura for the first time. Continue the training for days and weeks. With time, the aura will get more clear and easier to perceive. Then, you can try to put your whole hands together, then move them apart and see the aura between whole hands, and then you might want to see aura between fingers of the other person.

What colour did you see? Dont worry at first it might be unclear and as you do it more and more it will be come clear and also colours a can be mixed too.




Protect Your Aura

So your lovely friend organises a coffee, and there you are already bracing yourself for the two-hour onslaught of negativity and world bashing, she/he has nothing ever good to say or always has something to moan about! We all have those friends don't we...

often you are left feeling drained and even a bit moody, like their mood was implanted onto you, right! yes absolutely your aura is sticky and so you will pick up and keep negative energies, here is how to cleanse your aura.

  • white light & Mirrors
  • Salt Bath
  • smudging
  • Crystals


Protection bubble, white light & mirrors

This is a such a lovely instant way to lift your vibration and make you feel protected and secure from all negative entities and bad vibrations.

This is a visualisation task that should be done daily or when you feel like your aura is being effected.

Relax and clear your mind,sit quietly with your eyes closed,deep breath till you feel settled, Now imagine a bright white light in the center of your chest it bright and beautiful and powerful and clear, image and visualise this light getting bigger and bigger and filling your whole body top to toe, and then it starts to shine out of your body.......THIS is your WHITE LIGHT, as you reach this amazing point where the glow and power from this light has surrounded you say this prayer

" I shine my powerful white light around my body and up to heaven, no negative entities or low vibrations or low energies can penetrate this light, I am strong, I am positive and I glow with energy and my aura is clear and strong as its surrounded by my white let it"

Then to protect you further from negative entities and low vibrations, and something I do myself is then surround myself and my white light with reversed mirrors.....

visualise yourself with your beautiful white light coming from you, then in your mind place mirrors pointing outwards so you can't see your own reflection, what this will do also is provide another barrier for the negative anything! to be bounced off from...


Salt Bath

Are you feeling moody, lethargic, or just tried all the time? ever thought that you are just bogged down with everyone negative thoughts and feelings!

As our aura is sticky it can become bogged down and it stops flowing as it should and even illness can affect the aura. I read a lot for people and as a psychic I too can feel my aura needs to be refreshed so this is one of the most simplest things to do and actually one of my faves!

get yourself a really beautiful quality bath salts, I use Relaxation bath salts, these are beautiful and is salt from the dead sea blended with lavender aromatherpy oil, to name but a few of the ingredients super lush! I then soak in the bath for a least an hour and light the candles and put some angelic music on. As I get ready for my bath i say a simple prayer

" Angels and spirit guides as i enter this bath please allow these salts to wash away any psychic debris and negative vibes to leave my aura and allow mt aura to be clear once again, so let it be........"

I always feel refreshed and my aura is certainly lighter and free-flowing again!

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Smudging you and your home

smudging is not complicated or scary and can be done by anyone its simply a way to re- balance energies in the home and you. You can buy your smudging kits from my Crystal healing and Protection with Tina shop saging

What you need

  • abalone shell
  • Turkey feather
  • candle
  • Sage
  • sand
  • smudging prayer

How to smudge your home

  • open all windows
  • Light your candle and leave safely on the table
  • Light your Bundle of sage, and blow it out till its only smoking
  • start at the front door and waft the smoke with your feather into every corner
  • Repeat your smudging prayer as you move at a slow pace around your home
  • waft the smoke up into all corners of the ceilings and around furniture
  • allow the smoke to be able to leave through your open windows
  • put our sage out with sand, and reuse another time
  • empty the sage ash into the garden
  • leave your candle to burn till its finished or your happy that all good energies are in your home.4389c36a1692c60ee92cae5c01f7a421


Repeat smudging once a month or when you feel it is needed or energies in the home feel unbalanced arguments or something happened that wasnt nice, such as illness.

Your prayer can be individual to you as long as you tell the negative energies to leave.


Crystal Protection

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Love & Light