How to escape being stuck in a rut....yes you can!

I always thought Ego described a person that overly loved themselves and spoke none stop how amazing they are!  
Ego is actually referred to the shadow self, the bit of us that allows us to self sabotage the diet we have been on because we are certain we won't succeed, Ego is the bit of us that sees everyone doing really well because we was never given the same chance, its the voice that says stay in your comfort zone its safer here!

As a child we are giving self limiting beliefs stuffed into our subconscious, it's fear based beliefs and thoughts that the ego controls, because of this many people stay in thier ego box and never live a life thats truly something they are passionate about. They don't even know that so many amazing possibilities are out there

 Breaking out of your Ego prison.....

So you begin to wake up from your hum drum job and just realise you want more out of life and your ready to explore it, ready to open up the hairdresser salon you always wanted.
  You tell your best mate your sooooo excited and then your met with...." Oh but how will you pay your bills" " what if it doesn't work?" " but your family relies on you!
They often think they do this out of love, but in reality your " going for it" can be painful for them to watch as they never had the guts to do what you are doing, they can become jealous and everytime you mention your business they just aren't interested! Or scoff at any new ideas...fact is
" people making big changes, scare others"

 My advice is don't talk to these people about your big change they will never get it, instead confide in those that love it, support you and high five you along!!  

It's not always easy a big change!

So there you are new salon open, customers coming in, then bang your back goes and puts you out of action for months, everyone that didn't like the big change will be straight there for you telling you they told you so....but no...never give up, get better and reopen or you get a hairdressers in to cover, you see when your making big changes your Ego will throw so much rubbish and difficult situations at you to try and make you go back to the "safe ego jail"
The idea is that you keep going.

A year from now you will be living a life freer and more satisfying than you only ever imagined. By trusting that there is a way through, that you can do it, you DID succeed the universe has got your back and is now opening up so many doors for you.

  • Trust the process
  • Work with others
  • Believe you can do it
  • It's OK to be scared
  • Never give up
  • Don't let others opinions stop you
  • Be positive about you
  • Trust you have the skills

Growth isn't for everyone but it's no where near as painful as living the life your living right now if your just not going for it.
You need to trust that whatever it is you want is already here waiting for you and its far better than the old. Be prepared for Ego to kick your butt and all of its supporters, just stick to your plan and go for it! You will see do much amazing growth happening you will never look back.

Love & light