Kind Communication

Kind Communication

I felt the urge to write this as it dawned on me the way people communicate is becoming less personal and almost robotic.

Do you remember the last time your phone rang? The last time your friend or family member actually called you and you had an actual conversation?

48 hours for me! But I have had around 100 conversations via text, whatsapp and messenger! Crazy!

I actually miss a proper phone call don’t you?

Pros and Cons of messages verses phone call

  1. Messages wether it be whatsapp or text can be so easily misunderstood and seem narky and so impersonal.

2. Arranging stuff takes twice as long..don’t you find it frustrating when you are just waiting for the answer!

3. Always five people message you at once so you clearly neglect one conversation over others.

4. Your in the middle of something and they keep messaging you with ?????? Till you respond

5. You receive a message and your busy…you will reply in a minute…instead two days later you get a pissed off message from them asking why you are ignoring them…awkward!

6. Spelling is awful thanks to predictive text slamming some dodgy words into the sentence.

7. Oh dear! Argument via text or message is lethal and needs to be avoided at all costs…your threat and hate is forever in black and white!

8. Is a message really ‘catching up’ nooooooo it’s not! A cuppa and eye to eye contact is.

9. A message wishing you better is that nicer than a card? Or a phone call? Nope it’s about 50% effort in my book.

10. Pros- Easy & quick! That’s it

I’m feeling like we all need to go back to making an effort to actually find time to sit with our friends and family and spend real quality time with each other.

After all if someone seems to never be able to spare 15 minutes phone call or an hour to sit and chat over a cuppa are they really a friend or someone that deserves you? Fair enough if distance is an issue then there is FaceTime.

Make sure your spending your time with People that appreciate and enjoy your company face to face.

Communicate with kindness and be mindful that messages are not the same as hearing a voice and someone’s true emotions.

You can have thousands if online friends but the real life ones are the most valuable, people need people in real life not a message.