Me & My Reiki Box

Reiki Box

As a Reiki practitioner I understand that Reiki is an infinite and intelligent life force energy and once trained in how to use this you realise the huge potential and different ways I can utilise it to help people that are not sat in front of me or who have come for a Reiki session and I wish to continue giving Reiki to them.
Also a Reiki box is a great way to manifest your own desires and needs.

Using a Reiki box is one tool you can use.
Below I'm going to explain how to create your own wether you are level one or a Reiki Master

Select a small box that you like it must have a lid
 Clean your box and then cleanse it, i typically smudge my box.
Then hold your box between your palms and run Reiki right through it.
 For those that are level two and above put the power sign on all sides top and base.
 Now take some small strips of paper and on these you can write your goals..keep it simple..New car, new job, or write the name of someone you wish to send Reiki to. Write in the present tense as you trust the universe to deliver these...I also like to date mine to see how long ago I wrote it.
 Every day for 5 minutes pick up your Reiki box and send reiki to it.
Check back on your slips weekly/monthly to see if these have come true or the progress on healing that you sent a person. If they have come true the disgard the paper slip and thank Reiki.

Enjoy using your Reiki box it really helps you to focus your intentions.