Open your mind to meditation


So there I was totally stressed out and feeling like I was on a constant roundabout and never a minute break or silence that I craved! sound like you?

I can say this to you with a full and honest heart that meditation has transformed my stress levels from 100 to about 10% I learn how to breathe through stress and cope with it better and have those essential re-connection times just me and just my mind clear of stress and thoughts.

Why Meditate?

  • Reduces stress & Anxiety
  • Increase self-esteem & happiness
  • Increase immune system we enhance our relaxation mode
  • Strengthens our minds
  • Build willpower
  • Connect to something bigger than yourself


Here is a guide to getting started it does not have to be complicated....

  • Pick a reason WHY you want to mediate - decrease stress? be more positive? you time?
  • Make a commitment - Ideally to be able to have 10 to 15 minutes daily would be great however we all lead very busy lives, so even if you can only meditate once a week its better than none.
  • Don't go over board at the beginning -  Take it easy and calm and don't put too much pressure on yourself.
  • When do I meditate? Whenever you want to, personally for me I mediate once the children are at school and before i begin my first psychic reading.
  • How do i sit? - There are many ways to sit for meditation but the honest answer is DIGNIFIED, after all your communication with love and good intentions and your body language should reflect this, no slumping or lazy hunched over positions.
  • Pick an anchor - concentrate on a specific anchor counting, your breath, mantra, so when a thought comes into your head you can bring yourself back to your anchor.
  • Wondering mind As you begin to meditate maybe by concentrating on your breathing, without doubt thoughts and troubles will creep into your mind you need to be able to brush these away and come back to your anchor the best way to do this is acknowledge that thought and gently say to yourself 'back to my breathing,' and repeat till you find yourself concentrating on your breathing again
  • How will i feel? - Its more about how you are after meditation, the person you are in everyday life, has meditation helped you be more calm? more positive? more kind? some people do experience awesome higher self and incredible calm but remember that's not the only point!
  • What equipment will i need?  a pillow to sit on, or a mat, a piece of music that's calming there are lots on You Tube I love this compilation by Sergey Meditation relax just stunning and the pictures are awesome too. I like to be bear footed as i like to be connected to the earth.
  • Just do it - That's it start now, don't judge, don't worry, just do it, there is a way for everyone to meditate and its a very personal experience.


Enjoy your meditation and slowly see the amazing effects it has on you.


love & light


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