Whats the difference

So you may have heard the words Physic, Medium, Clairvoyant and maybe thought it was all the same thing, predicting the future and talking to people in heaven, actually No, there is a BIG difference and something i had to learn as I needed to know how to describe my gift, you can read my personal story on my lovely website and also book a reading with me, but first let me explain...

Medium- Described in the dictionary as a person that can receive messages from people who are dead. Also 'Medium' is the person in between, often the messenger.

Clairvoyant - A person who says they can see the future or see things that others cannot see.

Physic - The Person relates to the human soul and can tell the person what is going on in their life and often people who have passed that is related to them.

Claire audience - Is the ability to hear the spirit world talking to you

Angel cards - These are similar to tarot but depicted in a kinder more spiritual way and are great for giving guidance.

So I am a Medium, Clairvoyant and Claire audiant and I also use Angel cards, I am very fortunate to have these gifts and i love to share them.


My Angel cards