You Me and a singing bowl

Have you ever heard of a singing bowl?

Have you ever heard one sing?

Ever thought why would you want to?

I had a fabulous experience this weekend using signing bowls and oh my goodness I just love them, in fact me and my family all got involved below is a picture of my little boy standing in a singing bowl especially designed for the root chakra and the sound and vibration was like nothing I had ever heard or felt before.

So as you can guess I'm so inspired to write this and just let you know the benefits of using these incredibke signing bowls, and let's face it they can't do no harm so why not!

You can buy signing bowls anywhere just go for something you like the sound of and feels and sounds good to you, they range from £10 to £1000+

Learning to play them is easy just practice and check out you tube videos.

Why use them?

  • Promote Deep Relaxation - Get yourself comfy and begin to play the bowls the vibrations will vibrate deep into you...even better lay down, close your eyes and ask someone to play the bowls around you.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety, The sounds and vibrations are thought to have a relaxing and hypnotic effect on the brain and body, relieving physical and mental stress.
  • Balancing Chakras, Each bowl is a different size so it vibrates at a different frequency, you can buy chakra signing bowls.
  • Meditation, these are great and when you are meditating the calming singing bowl will bring you back into focus.

I can't wait to build up my collection of bowls and share this amazing sounds with as many people as I can.

Love & light